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Select the “Store” drop down menu to view each section.

First Section – Memorabilia; Clothing and promotional items displaying the federation logo.

Second Section – Publication – Books to purchase that will be of interest to the I.W.T.F. membership.

Third Section – Publication – Magazines both free to view and purchase containing topical issues that will be of interest to the I.W.T.F. membership.

The Store is being developed by the Federation to achieve the following;

1; To provide memorabilia and promotional material for members that will enhance our image to people outside of the hunting world.

2: To bring in additional funding that will allow an expansion of the Federations programs in the future.


An order form can be downloaded and printed here.

I.W.T.F. Shop Order Form 2013

Payment is by Cheque or Postal Order. Made payable to the IWTF

Please Allow 28 Days for delivery.





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