Working Terrier Histories

Since the I.W.T.F. was founded there has been a constant stream of enquiries relating to working terrier breeds and strains coming from the general public. These questions have led us to believe that their is an absence of accurate information regarding working terriers. As terriermen we have reviewed many dog breed books over the years and they have a common weakness when it comes to the history of the particular breed. Not only do the authors not spend enough time researching the facts but the space given is normally only a few pages, hardly enough information to fully capture the reality of the foundation of the dogs.

To address this we have started a section called working terrier histories. Because these are so important and cannot be captured in one sitting, they will be titled

“The ALMOST complete history of the ________ Terrier”

As terriermen read and adapt the histories in the future, the articles will continuously improve and the depth of information will grow. Use the “Contact us” page to send us any information or photographs you wish to be added to these histories. See this as an OPEN SOURCE style of document. It can and will be edited and updated but for inclusion of information please supply photographic or eye witness accounts to enhance the feature.

The focus will start with the breeds or more correctly the strains listed below.

Working Sealyham Terrier.

1911 Sealyham

Download the PDF document below – enjoy.

The Almost Complete history of the Sealyham Terrier 20150309





Jack Russell Terrier.

Patterdale (Black) Terrier.

Fell (Lakeland) Terrier.

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