Preparation for the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Updates. (21th March 2014)

Preparation for the Annual General Meeting.

As another Season draws to a close we must prepare for the I.W.T.F. AGM in the summer. Could all Clubs discuss with their members the nominations for Officers and Committee members for the year ahead.

This gives each club the time to review the constitution and agree on the nomination they would like to make. Submissions should be into the I.W.T.F. preferably in April. All positions are open for this process and the work involved will be “interesting” if the last year is a benchmark to compare against.

The I.W.T.F. constitution has guidlines for the nomination and election process. The constitution has been posted under the “About Us” tab. Any members putting their name forward please use the “Contact Us” tab on the WEBsite to register their NAME,CLUB,and POSITION of interest.

If you require any other information please also use the “Contact Us” tab. This will keep the process transparent and on record.

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