The reality of Foxes on Irish farms.

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Committee Updates. (09 January 2015)

The reality of Foxes on Irish farms.


In this weeks issue of the Irish Farmers Journal there is an article by “The Dealer” detailing the damage caused by marauding Foxes on a farm in Ireland. The truth of course is both fierce and natural. If one source of prey is limited the fox is an opportunist hunter and will adapt his selection.

New born lamb is an easy target for a predator like the fox and the result is predictable and irish farmers can see the losses in their stock. Controlling the fox population is a necessary part of country life.

For a public too often misled by childish images of wildlife like the image below, it is good to see the balance being addressed.

Fox and Rabbit False 01

Fox and Rabbit 10

Fox chasing Lamb 01

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