“The Field” magazine – April edition.

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Committee Updates. (23rd March 2015)

“The Field” magazine – April edition.

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In the April edition of the magazine, an article on working Sealyham terriers causes more harm than good in our view. Written in a style that evokes images somewhere between the “Darling buds of May” and “A local pub in the Shire”, this is the type of information that misleads the public. Terriers work below ground and on their own, that is the reality and all other types of activity while enjoyable is not terrier work.  Any dog will kill a rat, what separates terriers from the rest of their kind is the courage and tenacity to go where no other will.


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A_magazine of this quality with such a long tradition of support for field sports should really put the cause of terrierwork before anything else. Field sports and hunting in particular are under pressure from different sources right now, we need to make sure that the public have the chance to read the most accurate information.

The Field Cover Apr 2015 01a

 Read the article here The Field April 2015 WS 01

Earlier this month the Federation started a section on working terrier histories. After seeing the Field article it would seem the timing was appropriate. This may clarify the Working Sealyham terrier strain for people who are interested.

Read it here The Almost Complete history of the Sealyham Terrier 20150309


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