Scottish Association of Country Sports (SACS)

Committee Updates. (04th June 2013)

The Irish Working Terrier Federation has received the written support of the Scottish Association of Country Sports (SACS) 


This is another milestone as the I.W.T.F. addresses the Insurance needs of terriermen in Northern Ireland. We are delighted to receive endorsement from such a leading Association and look forward to working closely with SACS in the coming months.

The Scottish Association for Country Sports was formed in 1994, in response to a growing belief by country sportsmen in Scotland that their best interests were not being served by existing countryside organisations. 
Although SACS is based in and run by people living in Scotland, over the years the services provided for members has led to the membership including thousands of people who live or take part in country sports all over the UK. It is not restricted to shooting sports – They represent all who use the country for sport, whether you hunt, shoot, fish, fly hawks, work terriers – the list is endless.
More importantly, SACS are the ONLY Association to provide £100,000 legal expenses insurance to all members, which ensures that members can have top-quality legal experts to defend them if they are charged with offences relating to their sports, at no cost to them.
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