Annual General Meeting 2013


Committee Updates. (10th June 2013)

Annual General Meeting 2013

The AGM was held last Saturday 8th June, thank you to everyone you contributed. Some men travelled long distances on one of the hottest days of the year to sit in a room and listen to the committee updates and plans for the coming year. You have to credit their belief in the I.W.T.F. 

We believe that everyone who attended, went away with a better idea of what was happening in the background during for the last twelve months. More importantly they saw the plans for the coming twelve months.

A video showing the course of the Animal Health and Welfare Bill 2013 and the involvement of the federation was well received and the feedback was positive. We now need those men who saw it to pass the word on to the wider hunting community.

A big thank you to Barrie Wade, a gentleman who’s company we all enjoyed. It was a privilege to have Barrie speak on Saturday, his dedication to terrierwork is inspiring. The relationship between our members and the N.W.T.F. can only strengthen after the weekend.

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